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A Step By Step Practice of Yoga

Before we can all become master yogis capable of harnessing all powers of the universe, we need to start somewhere. It will be a while before we can take full advantage of all power of yoga. In the mean time, here is a simplified method for exercising with yoga each day and a step-by-step guide to executing the common therapeutic postures.

A Basic Daily Yoga Program

Daily yoga practice is a good investment in health. Twelve minutes a day will purchase a toning of the muscles and improved digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems. The following exercises will provide a well-balanced program, which should be supplemented, of course, by any other postures that are particularly good for your needs:

First day: Complete Breath, Spinal Roll, Cobra, Sun Salutation, and Corpse Pose.
Second day: Complete Breath, Sun Salutation, and Corpse Pose.
Third day: Complete Breath, Bow, Cobra, Posterior Stretch, Corpse Pose
Fourth day and on: Repeat sequence.


Sitting on the heels, raise the right hand. Bring it slowly behind the shoulder, touching the spine at the shoulder blades. Slowly bend the left arm behind the back from the bottom, and join the hands. Hold; then change arms and repeat. Benefits: Proper execution develops the capacity of the thoracic cage, helps prevent tendonitis and the formation of calcium deposits at the shoulder joints. Helps alleviate emphysema and asthma.

Kneeling Pose

Sit on the heels, with a straight back. Relax. Separate the feet and slowly sink in between, letting the buttocks touch the floor, doing this slowly and carefully so as not to strain knee ligaments. Make sure feet are not turned out.

Benefits: Increased circulation to prostate gland or uterus.


Sitting on the heels, with palms on knees, stiffly fan out the fingers. Lean slightly forward over the hands. Protrude the tongue as far as possible, contract the throat muscles and roll the eyeballs upward. Completely exhale, saying, "Ahhhhhhh." Repeat four to six times.

Benefits: Helps to relieve sore throat. Stimulates circulation to throat and tongue.


Lie face down. Clench the fists, keeping the arms on the floor at sides. Inhale. Using the lower back muscles, raise one leg toward the ceiling. Hold. Exhale and relax. Repeat with the other leg. Repeat two or three times, according to capacity.

More advanced: While in pose, raise both legs. A strenuous pose.

Benefits: Relieves problems of abdomen and lower back.

Warning: Do not perform this if you are suffering from hernia or you have back problem in acute stage.


Sitting cross-legged, stretch both arms up toward the ceiling in a prayer like pose, fingertips together. Stretch up and breathe deeply and slowly five to ten times. Exhale and lower arms.

Benefits:Benefits: Strengthens lungs. Purifies bloodstream, improves digestive system, tones nervous system.

Posterior Stretch

Sit on the floor, with the left leg outstretched, the right heel tucked into the crotch. Inhale and reach the arms overhead. Hold the breath, drop forward, reaching the arms toward the left ankle, the head to the knee. (If you can only grasp the calf, do that, and relax, breathing slowly.) Concentrate on the muscles as they slowly lengthen, and inch down lower. Close your eyes. Release any discomfort in a sensation of relaxation. Hold one minute. Inhale, raise up, arms overhead, and exhale as you lower the arms to the side. Repeat with the opposite leg. Repeat with both legs outstretched.

Benefits: A powerful massage to the abdominal organs. Improves digestion and elimination through the forward-bending movement. Relaxes tensions in the back. Brings fresh circulation to face, firming tissue and improving color.

Warning: Not for those with slipped discs. It is important that the back is not rounded. All forward bends should be done from the hips.

Shoulder Roll

Sitting or standing, roll shoulders loosely forward in a circular movement five times. Reverse. For a bigger stretch, roll one shoulder at a time.

Benefits: Relieves headache, fatigue, tension, neck ache.