Vegetarian FoodFood is an important aspect of a vacation and therefore the resort will specially prepare vegetarian dishes during meal time using fresh, high quality and interesting ingredients which have been approved personally by us. We guarantee the meals to be wholesome and delicious. Therefore, this will definitely be a good opportunity to detoxify your system without fuss.

There are mainly two reasons why we are promoting vegetarianism. Firstly, ethical and the other one is health. The ill-effects of a meat centered diet is clarified by the enlightened being Swami Prakashanada Saraswati in 1987 when he said, "Every animal that is slaughtered for human consumption brings the pain of death into your body.

Think about it. The animal is killed with violence. That violence causes the animal to experience very intense pain as it dies. That pain remains in the meat even after we've prepared and cooked it. When we eat the meat, then we eat pain. That pain becomes lodged in our body, heart, and mind. That violence and pain which we consume will also eat us too. It consumes us so that we must experience the same pain in our life also."

Secondly, fresh vegetables and fruits are the most important sources of vitamins and minerals in a diet. It has been found that a large number of diseases suffered by modern society are caused by the uric acid deposits which can be found in the muscle fibers of meat.

Vegetarians are proven to live longer and actually have (according to at least 10 research reports) two to three times the endurance than meat-eaters; they are less subject to the health problems that meat-eaters experience.

Most importantly, vegetable as food is also the original energy source for all animal energy. By being a vegetarian we eat from the most direct source of the sun's energy, not the second hand source.