Halasana (Plow pose)



  1. Lie flat on your back.
  2. Hands beside your body with palms flat on the floor.
  3. Bend your knees with soles on the floor, exhale and bring your knees close to your chest, then breathe evenly.
  4. Press down on the arms and use your abdominal muscles to raise your hips and buttocks off the floor and place your palms on your hips or behind the ribcage.
  5. Slowly use your palms to push your back until it is perpendicular to the floor. Your chest should be touching your chin.
  6. Extend your legs from the waist over your head and drop your toes to the floor.
  7. Tighten your buttocks and keep your knees straight.
  8. Lower your palms to the floor, interlock your fingers with palms facing your back and straighten your arms.


  1. Follow the above instructions from 1 – 9.
  2. Then walk both your feet outwards as wide as possible without bending your legs. Press your toes into the floor.
  3. Bring both arms one by one to the front of the body. Press your palms into the prayer position and extend it to the ceiling until your elbows are straight.

Getting out of the pose:

  1. Lower the palms to the floor.
  2. Then exhale while using your abdominal muscles to lower the back and buttocks to the floor.
  3. Bend the knees close to the chest and slowly lower down the legs one at a time.


  1. Stretches the spine and cervical region. Tones the abdominal, legs and buttock muscles.
  2. Especially good to regulate the thyroid glands, resulting in a better metabolism rate.
  3. Increases blood circulation to the brain.
  4. Reduces hypertension and relieves insomnia, breathlessness and palpitations.
  5. Aids in treating colds and sinuses.
  6. Reduces the risk of urinary disorders and congestion of the ovaries.

Chakra stimulated and which has to be concentrated on:

Manipura or Vishuddhi chakra which are situated in the spine behind the navel and at the neck behind the throat.


  1. Those suffering from back and neck aches should be careful not to overstrain.
  2. Women should not practice this asana while menstruating.
  3. Do not turn your head to the side as it will injure your neck.

Counter pose:

Matsyasana, Ushtrasana or Supta Vajrasana