Kakasana (Crow pose)



  1. Squat with knees slightly wider than the hip. Hands in between.
  2. Press your palms into the floor and spread your fingers.
  3. Bend your elbows outwards to act as support for the knees.
  4. Lift your heels and rest your knees on the upper arm.
  5. Look at a spot 2 feet forward on the floor.
  6. Inhale, slowly shift your weight onto your hands.
  7. When you get your balance, lift your legs one at a time and retain them above the ground as long as possible.
  8. Breathe evenly and keep your head up.

Getting out of the pose:

  1. Lower down the feet to the ground.


  1. Strengthens the abdominal, wrists, hands and shoulders.
  2. Promotes mental balance.
  3. Increases breathing capacity.


  1. Be extra careful if one is suffering from injuries to the wrists, shoulders, elbows or knees.
  2. Do not jerk your legs off the floor. You may fall and injure your wrists if you do not have good balance.