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Naukasana (Supine boat pose)



  1. Lie in supine position. Palms facing downwards on the floor.
  2. Inhale, lift both legs above the floor at 60˚. Straighten your knees. Breathe evenly.
  3. Inhale, use your abdominal strength to lift your upper body, hands, shoulders and head off the floor.
  4. Point your fingers towards your legs and straighten them. Look at your feet.
  5. Retain the breath.

Getting out of the pose:

  1. Exhale, slowly lower down to the supine position.


  1. Tones the abdomen, hip flexors and spine.
  2. Stimulates the kidneys and intestines.
  3. Eliminates nervous tension.


  1. Those suffering from back aches should not do this pose.
  2. Do not jerk your legs up while raising them off the floor.

Counter pose: