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The Weekend Retreat You Will Never Forget

Yoga retreat weekendLeave behind the responsibilities of your daily life and indulge in a weekend of yoga and adventure at the geopark of Southeast Asia, the island of Langkawi, situated in the Northwest of Malaysia… surrounded by tranquil, picturesque and lush surroundings… an ideal way to experience a deep sense of wellbeing and serenity.

No matter your size, age and fitness level. …For beginners, this might be the place to begin a wellness journey and for the die-hard yogis, this is absolutely the place to renew and re-energize the mind, body and spirit.
Experience yoga, experience life.

Activities You Will Indulge In

Yoga at Sunrise

Surya Namaskar, a modern yoga tradition which is performed at sunrise as the orthodox believe that it is the most ‘spiritually favorable’ time of the day. This ancient secret of graceful movements helps in toning & energizing oneself at the beginning of each and every day. The practice of Pranayama is not to be missed especially when we are surrounded by nature with air which is so refreshing. What a wonderful and perfect way to start the day.

Yoga During Sunset

As the sun retreats, let us unwind by relaxing the body and senses with gentle yoga poses and breathing exercises

Yoga and Meditation in Nature

Destress yourself and connect with nature with the refreshing sound of waves by the beach at our morning sessions and the chatter of birds, the sight of playful monkeys swaying from one tree to another, the occassional butterflies fluttering around during the sunset session amidst tropical trees.

Remedial Body Massage

Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalize with the skillful hands of the professional massage therapist in a spa surrounded by natural tropical rainforest.

Nature Adventures

Discover Langkawi's natural beauty with our guided eco tours. Our knowledgeable and experienced nature guides will introduce to you the island's flora and fauna.

Our Yoga Instructors

Dorothy Ang, a law graduate from a well known university in the United Kingdom who upon obtaining her law degree returned to Malaysia and started conducting aerobics and steps classes in her mother’s 18 year old fitness centre. At the same time, she was also looking forward to having an unconventional profession as a fitness instructor. Ultimately, she got herself certified as a yoga instructor and launched into the fitness industry on a part time basis and eventually made a career out of it. With such fitness backgrounds, she is creative, open minded and is full of energy. Due to that, she is able to conduct her classes spontaneously to adapt to the fitness levels and ability of her students.

Dr. Baskaran Kosthi, specializing in naturopathy and an owner of a stunningly located spa was taught the art of yoga at a very young age by his late father. At that time, he never really took an interest in it until a few years back when he, out of curiosity walked into a yoga workout class. He then realized that yoga is still similar to what he learnt from his late father but has been made interesting these days. Since then, he started teaching yoga as a hobby and is now a part time instructor.




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